Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tiff's Life Lately

Forgive me friends! I know that I have not been posting much in the last two months. Before that I was not doing a great job of keeping you updated, but I was at least posting.

Well, there have been a number of reasons that I could give you. But the main one is that I've just been swamped trying to balance everything in my life.

In the next few days, I'm hoping to post a bit more. And recommitting to posting small blurbs, just to get things posted. :)

Each of the following deserve their own posts and will get them! Coming soon:
* In mid-March, I attended the NASPA conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - it was great fun and I was reunited with some old Baylor friends and we hung out with some of our new friends from our respective colleges. A great time.
* Shortly after that, I met a new guy, Curby. We had the best first date ever, and have been together ever since. We're heading up on three months together now, and my life has continued to improve with this great blessing from God.
* Curby came with me, a few weeks later, to visit the Fergasons where we had a GREAT time seeing Andilin at her horse show (she performed excellently) playing the Wii with the kids, and hanging out with John and Karen Fergason. We also got to spend some time with Curby's parents. It was really fun.
* In mid-May, I hosted my mom for a week at my house when our annual-ish Girl's Weekend turned into a "Girl's Week!" We hung out with Curby, took a few cooking classes, played games, and just generally enjoyed being together.
* In late-May, I flew out to St. Louis to celebrate the marriage of Heather (Caddell) and Jason Wickersham! It was a joyous occasion and I was blessed to be a bridesmaid. Curby was able to join in the festivities and I got to show him my old haunts and introduce him to some good friends.
* In early-June, my parents drove out to LA to help celebrate the graduation of my friend Jessica - who they think of as a second daughter, and who has been a dear friend of mine here in LA. We had a great time celebrating her accomplishments so far and the almost-completion of her dissertation.

Phew! That brings us up to date on all the big happenings of the last three months. I leave you now to being writing some individual posts - complete with pictures of those individually! Enjoy! and thanks for sticking around during my long absence!