Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's up these days in Tiff's Life

Yes, I know that weeks ago I promised some really great posts. And I still hope to write them... :)

In the meantime, here is what is up these days in my life:
1) I just bought a ticket to travel to the U.K. this June to visit my friends Candice and Collin who are living in Cambridge, England while Collin works on a PhD in Religion. We are hoping that our friend, Matt, will be coming, too - because the four of us really like vacationing together. Also, when you spend almost 2 weeks together, its nice to have 4 people because that is like 3 combinations of 2 people each - or maybe 4 combinations - anyway, its nice because you don't have to be all 4 people together all the time, and you don't have to be the same two people together all the time. The mixing it up makes for less of  us getting annoyed with each other. (At least I'm sure this is the case, though we have gotten along pretty well the other times we've spent lots of time together in a row).

2) I am presenting TWO papers at a conference in Denver in Late April / Early May. The conference is the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. I am presenting one of the papers with my faculty advisor and another colleague and that paper is basically done. I am also presenting one of my papers SOLO (very exciting and nerve racking) and that paper is NOT done. I mean, really really not done. Lots of stats left to do for that one, so that is taking all my emotional and physical energy these days - well, whatever energy is left after classes and my new job.

3) I have a new job! I am now the Graduate Student Researcher for the Evaluation and Assessment arm of the Office of Instruction and Development. That means that I support the Director of Evaluation and Asssessment in doing things like analyzing results from undergraduate class evaluations, helping to develop learning outcomes and figuring out how to assess them. I am really excited about this position and grateful for its provision at the perfect time.

4) However, this quarter is INSANE! Not only do I have the two papers to write and present (they are due, written, on April 9th - this Friday) and the presentations are 4/30 and 5/1; but I also am studying to take my qualifying exams mid-May, and working on finishing my year-long research project. This project has been a little bit of a bane as I struggle to get approval through the IRB and now find participants. Slowly but surely, I am getting people to volunteer and interviewing them. I'm confident that this will all work out, but as to how it will work out? Well, as they say in France: Mystere et boule de gum. In other words - I don't have any idea.

5) Finally, I attended Easter service yesterday at the Hollywood Bowl with one of my friends that I sit with on Sunday. I'll have a few pictures to post later (of that event and a few others) but for now, I want to say that it was a really great experience to be worshiping the risen Lord with so many people - and almost made up for missing the Fergason Family Easter day celebration.

Be well, friends. I'll be back in touch soon. This quarter is a little like an 11-mile race....but I am already through 1 mile, so I'm excited!