Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rom-Com Cliches - Weigh In

Love Actually | 24 Rom-Com Cliches We'd Retire | Photo 2 of 25 |

Hey Friends,
Above you'll see a link to 1 of 24 Cliches that Entertainment Weekly says should be retired. If you get a chance to look through all 24 and weigh in here, then please do. In the meantime, I'll just address the one linked above - "The Last Minute Sprint"...

In general, I'd say that I probably agree with about 1/2 of what they suggested and the other half are either things I either like for a few reasons or think are close to (but not actually) reality.

However, I want to stand up in defense of the "Last Minute Sprint" - because I think this is what people want. I think both men and women want to think that someone would come running after them or running out to them to confess their love. I think that this world tells us we aren't that desirable (unless we fit certain stereotypes) and as such, we go through life feeling unpursued and unlovable. But the truth is that God chases after us with his love, and so I applaud the last minute sprint. The reason why so many movies have this plot device is that we think this is part of what love is about - because deep in our hearts we know that this is what Love is about.

What do you think about the list of 24 plot devices, friends? And what do you think about the sprint in particular?

Let's chat it up, below!