Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Selling Stampin' Up Sets

Hey Friends,

This is random, but I am selling 4 stampin' up stamp sets. They are posted below. If you are interested in buying any (or all) of them, please put a note in the comments below and include your email address. I will reply to you by email and we'll work out mailing, payment, etc. For each of them, the shipping will be an additional $5.

See the photos below to see what I'm selling. (p.s. I decided not to sell on ebay because there 22oo - seriously - sets for sale there, so it seems like this is just as good as an option.)

Set 1: Fun in the Sun
Condition: NEW; Price: $15

Set 2: Are We There Yet (may or may not be the "real" name)
Condition: Used Once, cleaned; Price: $10

Set 3: Kids at Play
Condition: Used Twice, cleaned; Price $10

Set 4: Rainy Day Fun (this is my favorite set, but I just don't have time to do anything with it!)
Condition: Used 3 times, cleaned; Price $10


Chalea said...

i woudl love them. let me know what you want for them