Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brief Life in Photos

Here are some pics of the last couple weeks. :) Enjoy! (its finals, so who knows when my next post will be...) My parents visited, as did a few friends from Baylor. These pics are kind of out or order (darn you blogspot!) but they are fun:

My parents and I spent an awesome day at Universal City (which is where Universal Studios is located, but is also a really fun mall with tons of shops, eateries and a theater among other things). We were at Universal Studios all day and then saw Terminator: Salvation that night! Super fun. This is the end of the Jurrasic Park ride, which we rode twice because it was so fun - frankly I could have ridden it a couple more times. It is pretty sedate and relaxing and then there is this super steep drop where a giant dinosaur comes at you as you go down - amazing. I like to pretend this is a pic of us at the end of the ride.... :)

Me and Dad on the campus tour I gave them that evening. It was a perfect LA evening, though by the time the sun set, it was pretty chilly.
My adorable parents at UCLA, near Powell Library. Aren't they wonderful!?
Kristen Neilson and her friend Heather celebrated their graduations by coming to LA - we got to spend a few hours together one night - including In-N-Out Burger - really fun to see her!