Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ode to My Mom!

Hi Everyone!

I know that I am back to being absent, but I do have a few reasons (ok, excuses)... I was out of town and then my computer crashed and this weekend was my 1st year exams (where I have 3 days to write 2 six page essays). After this weekend I'm creeping up on finals in about 4 weeks, with a ton of homework between now and then.... so please forgive my periodic absences!

Well, all that is really an aside to present a quick note about my mom in honor of mother's day!

Descriptors of my mom: Caring, Funny, Smart, Thoughtful, Good Cook, Helpful, Interested, Hard Worker, and Sacrificial.

There are probably other words, too.

When I call her, no matter how often, she sounds happy to hear from me. When I'm excited, she's excited, too. And when I'm broken-hearted, she is broken-hearted with me. She knows how to make me laugh, and she knows how to find out what's really bothering me.

Thanks for being a great mom, mom! I love you!

With mom and dad at graduation last May

All the girls together at Thanksgiving
(L-R: my mom, her sister/my aunt Becky, Grama Joy, and me)
Me and mom when I was just a few months old - is she the cutest lady or what?!

My mom before she got married, back in 1972.


fblife said...

Wow Tiff, you really resemble your mom! These are really sweet pictures.