Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to 2009

I know, I know. "Tiffani, what happened to your repeated vows to update regularly?" "Why haven't you posted in so long!?"

Ok, lets face it - that is probably all in my head! But Christmas break was not what I expected (i thought I'd have time to do and be, but alas, no) and then I went to Seattle for the briefest of brief visits and then school started - yikes! Now I am about to enter week 2 and have at least three different blog ideas in my head - which i likely won't get to tonight - and I want to at least give a little update.

2009! Year of possibility!

Well, I think each year is a "year of possibility" - and I've always been right. :) The beginning of a year is awesome, I think - there is so much that can happen, so many things that can change, and its exciting.

This year I decided instead of resolutions, I'd try this: To "be more" and to "be less."

As I was praying and journaling about the beginning of the year, it came to me that I didn't want to set goals that were difficult to keep and discouraging like "lose 10+ pounds" but instead I just wanted to "be more healthy." and I didn't want to "go on two dates" but "be less anxious about being single and be more open to opportunities"

See what I mean?

My list is not very fully developed yet. But the ideas are in my mind, so that even this week when I thought, "Maybe I won't do xyz" the spirit in me said, "Yes, you will - Be more _____."

Here are a few:

Be more....
open to opportunities.
honest with myself and others.
fit (in my diet, activity, and mind).
orange. (some of you know what this means)

Be less....
afraid of rejection.
afraid of my path/calling.
of a couch potato.
content to settle for the status quo.

What are the things you'd like to be more of and less of this year?


Jill Atkinson said...

I want to be more: positive about stages my kids go through, nutritious

Be less: busy with meaningless things, of a t.v. watcher

I'm with you on the resolutions!

Mel Gruver said...

I'd like to be more:

healthy, happy, and wise.
inclined to read.
prepared for life.

I'd like to be less:
anxious about losing control.
worried about not fulfilling my dreams.
of a postponer when it comes to starting my life.

GO orange....BOO taupe.